• What happens in a counselling session?
    Counselling/Therapy does not come in a cookie-cutter format and each session is tailored to the individual. Counselling or therapy can help you understand yourself better and the way you think, which will ultimately help you develop a clearer understanding of your problems. It’s a safe place to discuss your dilemmas, fears, feeling , thoughts, regrets, aspirations, dreams , memories

  • How do I know if I need counselling / psychotherapy?
    Therapy is for everyone. Therapy is also for people who are doing well ,it can help them do even better. Therapy is a place to find yourself and realize your strengths. It’s a big step toward being the healthiest version of yourself and living the best life possible.

  • What should I expect in my first appointment?
    Every therapist works in slightly different ways – there isn’t a standard way in which your first session would go for your first appointment. However, mostly in the first session your therapist would ask you- Reason for coming to therapy , Your story , Questions on your present , past and future , expectations from therapy .

  • Will my sessions be confidential?
    Yes, counselling sessions are confidential. The exception would be if you were to pose a danger to yourself or others, in which case the relevant parties would be notified.

  • I only want one session, will that be possible ?
    The first session will be used as an getting to know and understanding your story rather than working or taking any steps. This allows you to identify your issues as you see them, and for your therapist to start to gain an idea of what your needs are. So unfortunately, having just one session is unlikely to have any lasting benefit for you.

  • How do I start with a counsellor / therapist?
    To book a session you can use our message, email us, or call us. We will set you up an appointment time with the most suitable counsellor/ therapist . If you prefer a specific mode please do mention the same.

  • How long should I expect to have to continue counselling?
    The length of your session will very much depend on your unique circumstances and needs. You and your therapist can together decide on when you want to terminate therapy. Please keep in mind that once you start sessions, new issues and angles can arise you were not aware existed that you then want to explore. It is of course possible to also see improvement faster than you expected or slower that you expected.

  • Can a counsellor prescribe medication if I need it?
    The counsellors are not eligible to prescribe medication but in case you feel you need medication you can speak to your therapist about why do you think you need medication.

  • Why do I have to pay for missed/cancelled therapy sessions?
    In order to reserve a certain time slot just for you each week there will be a cancellation policy that applies. Your therapist will share this cancellation policy with you prior to your first appointment. Any and all missed sessions outside of the agreed to terms will be charged at the full fee , the decision will be made on counsellors discretion