About Us

We help you Heal & add Zeal

It is a One-stop People Management firm, with focus on

  • Identifying, assessing, counselling, acquiring and measuring talents, skills and knowledge in relation to the business roles and responsibilities

  • Realigning, augmenting and leveraging Human Capital and Processes to increase the economic value of businesses

  • The areas we work on of are People Development, Organisational Restructuring, Manpower Optimisation, Skill Assessment and Competence Development, Need based Customised Training, Recruitment and Employee Relations.

  • We also provide advice on matters related to Employee Relations (Industrial Relations) either on case to case basis or through empanelment.


Why is Therapy Important ?

Time for some Insight!

  • Therapy can help you learn techniques to manage patterns of anxiety, depression, self-criticism, and unhealthy & negative thoughts and emotions.

  • And you talk about what you’re feeling & thinking with a therapist you can gain new insights on old issues, helping to uncover underlying causes. A Safe Place


A Safe Place

  • Therapy is a place for you to explore, experiment,& practice behaviours that are scary for you.

  • You can practice confrontation, You can talk openly because your therapist is not going to judge you . You can talk about your emotions.


Reality Check

  • Therapy helps in “ Reality Check”. It helps you gain a third-party perspective about a situation or a life decision you need to make but are going back and forth with an answer.

  • Letting it out and discussing what’s on your mind with a therapist goes a long way.


Might Learn

  • Ways of coping – you may learn ways to understand & cope with traumatic memories, upsetting life events, difficult feelings, thoughts or behaviours

  • Feelings – you may feel more able to talk about and understand your feelings

  • Relationship difficulties – you may learn to understand difficulties you are having in relationships and ways to make sense of them.