Managing the process

We at PEAL focus on the organisation aspirations as articulated by the CEO where we

  • Review ,Recommend and Implement the best interventions
  • Use models tested and proven overtime
  • Enable achievement of Business Objectives through People
  • In the most Cost Effective manner

Training & Development  

Companies spend large amounts in training and development effort. At the end of the day one has a question. Was the training programme relevant? Was this the best prioritisation? Have our people really assimilated the learning? How much they are using what they have learned?

Education Sector

Education sector is growing with immense speed. The GOI and the world are opening up for the opportunities which are there. The challenges are immense and competition is going to be tough. Only the fit would survive.

The time has come when the corporate experience can be gainfully utilised by this sector. It need not go through the same pangs as industry and can learn from its experiences