The sector would face issues of strategic direction, long term thinking and management, basket of its products and services, economies of scale, quality both of students and faculty, administration.

There would be issues under Reward and Recognition, Performance Parameters, Discipline, PR management, Liaison etc.

During our work with the management schools we came across following serious concerns these schools are facing, needing short term interventions

  1. The faculty and the students continue to treat management education as another set of postgraduate degree
  2. Many students take long to get oriented to the vigour of management education
  3. The faculty intends well but lack the skill set necessary to create a motivating and empowering environment
  4. The interface between industry and academia is constricted
  5. The management’s initiatives and attempts to shore up their institute’s attractiveness and presence has not brought commensurate results
  6. The faculty is not available when their need is the most
  7. Need for a long term  initiative for students lacking soft skills
  8. Marked deficiency in English language delivery and understanding